How to use a white cane while walking on the pavement?

When using a white cane, the primary follow -up point should be the edges of the walls in indoors and the roadsides on outside.

Except for the guideways, the middle of the sidewalk should not be used unless it is necessary.

In roadside tracking, the walking stick should be dropped from the pavement to the side facing the road.

The person who reads the possibility of walking on the pavement should follow the cane by hitting the cane in parallel, the opposite of the traffic flow, that is, the vehicles can see the cane, an approaching danger may hiss and a safe place should be passed.

Listing is priority priority; If there are no guiding roads, the edge overlooking the pavement should be followed, otherwise, without putting a safe danger, follow the edge parallel to the pavement until a safe path is found.