Wall Tracking with the Cross Cane Technique 

  • You can go by rubbing against the wall, that is, by sliding, without lifting the tip of the cane from the ground.
  • Thanks to wall tracking, it can detect a door or turns.
  • Facilitates wayfinding.

Overcoming Obstacles with the Crossed Walking Stick Technique 

  • When the visually impaired individual encounters an obstacle, he follows the obstacle with the tip of his stick, just like following a wall, and goes around the obstacle.
  • If the tip of the cane gets caught in someone else’s cane or foot, he saves the cane by holding it upright in front of him and continues on his way on the crossed cane.

Note: This article is for support purposes only. Various technical trainings are available for the use of white canes. It is recommended that these trainings be taken by a specialist. 


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