Cross Cane Technique

Cane techniques are initially divided into two according to their usage, usage and holding styles: One of them is using a cross cane and the other is using a pendulumcane. 

The technique of using cross canes; It is used in narrow places, turnstiles, door entrances and exits, wall follow-ups, stair landings and exits. 

While holding the cane; 

  • The index finger is palmed up to the top of the cane.
  • The arm should be stretched forward.
  • The arm holding the cane should never be opened to the sides, raised or lowered.
  • The hand should be at waist level and facing forward.
  • The wrist should not be bent forward-backward or sideways, but should be kept straight.

*By paying attention to these rules, the cane will stand in a diagonal position in front. 

Walking in the cross cane technique; 

  • The tip of the cane is not lifted from the ground.
  • Go forward by rubbing the tip of the cane on the ground.
  • In the meantime, the walking stick and arm are not moved.

*Since it may be necessary to use the crossed cane technique on both arms, this technique should be practiced with both arms. 

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