How to use a white cane while walking on the pavement?

1. Focus on Edges:

– When using a white cane, focus on the edges of walls indoors and the roadside outdoors as your primary reference points.

2. Sidewalk Usage:

– Avoid walking in the middle of the sidewalk unless necessary, except for designated guideways.

3. Roadside Tracking:

– When walking near roads, let the cane drop from the pavement to the roadside.

4. Cane Technique:

– Use the cane to tap the ground in parallel with the opposite traffic flow.

– This allows vehicles to see the cane, providing an early warning of your presence and ensuring your safety.

5. Priority in Navigation:

– If there are no guiding roads or paths, follow the edge overlooking the pavement.

– If a safe path is not immediately available, continue following the edge parallel to the pavement until a safe route is found.

Additional Tips:

– Maintain a steady rhythm when tapping the cane to maintain a consistent and predictable walking pattern.

– Stay alert and listen for traffic sounds to gauge the flow of vehicles and ensure your safety.

– If you encounter any obstacles or challenges, feel free to adjust your cane technique to suit the situation.

– We hope these tips help you navigate the pavement safely and confidently with your white cane.