What do I get access to with a WeWALK subscription?

The WeWALK premium subscription includes many features within the app that you can benefit from. The subscription includes:

– Fully Accessible Interface: In order to ensure the app is fully accessible, the app can be used in high contrast with differing text sizes according to your liking. It is also full compatible with screen readers.

– Turn-by-turn navigation: A custom built navigation app that provides an experience like no other with clock directions (can be adjusted to cardinal or relative directions), destination tracking, and low-vision mapping.

– Multimodal navigation: WeWALK app will auto calculate the optimal route for a mixture of walking and public transport modes. WeWALK will walk you through every step of your journey by helping you navigate to your transport stop, notify you when it’s time to get off your stop, and finally guide you to your final destination.

– Public transport: Find nearby public transportation options, get turn-by-turn navigation to the stops, check timetables, and get stop tracking information so that you know where and when you need to get off your stop.

– Limitless exploration: Discover new places with automatic audio notifications as you walk past popular places around you, or get a full list of nearby shops, restaurants, and everything in between. You may customise how you would like to explore your surroundings. You can also save your favourite locations in order to access them quickly.

– Uber integration: Third party integration with Uber application. Take an Uber to your destination (please note that Uber may not be available in all countries).

– Unlimited access: Subscribers will have unlimited access to our growing number of features. We continue to work with our terrific community to enhance our application so that our app users will be able to have an app experience like no other.

Note that our team is constantly working to add more features to the WeWALK app and we are always aiming to improve our customer’s experience.