Getting on the traffic with a White Cane

When the pendulum cane technique is used comfortably, it will be much more comfortable to go to the traffic. However, it is recommended to go out with a guide at the beginning, preferring places with low traffic flow. 


White  cane Stance while Crossing in Traffic: 

  • Stand on the sidewalk as if crossing the road.
  • The cane is held down the curb, diagonally or vertically, with the tip touching the curb. If it is to be held upright, the hand is turned upside down with the thumb down. The cane is held upright, with the tip below the curb but touching the curb.

The reasons for holding the cane in this way; 

1- Passing the cane to the pendulum technique more easily with this grip, while crossing the road, 

2- To ensure that incoming drivers can see the cane to be careful. 

Crossing the Traffic with a White Stick: 

  • Sounds from both sides are heard. If there is no sound from the vehicles or if it comes from far away, it is ready to pass.
  • Before descending from the pavement to the road, the cane is extended towards the road in pendulum grip. Landing directly on the road can be dangerous, so it’s a good idea to move the cane first.
  • When crossing, one should not move fast enough to trip and fall, nor should one move slowly enough to allow time for the approaching vehicle from afar. Transitions must be serial.
  • While crossing, the walking stick is passed using the pendulum technique.
  • Transitions should be straight across. Because crossovers cause the road to lengthen. The goal should be to find the opposite edge from the shortest path.

Note: This article is for support purposes only. Various technical trainings are available for the use of white canes. It is recommended that these trainings be taken by a specialist. 


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