How to Change WeWALK’s Shaft?

If you want to change the WeWALK cane shaft due to any damage, the easiest and quickest option is to buy a new shaft from

Alternatively, you may also choose to replace your old shaft with a new or existing brand cane. Our recommendation is the Ambutech graphite cane, which you can purchase from their website.

While replacing a shaft with a WeWALK cane can be quite challenging, which is why we recommend purchasing a new shaft from WeWALK as these shafts come pre-prepared. However, if you wish to replace your WeWALK shaft with an existing cane, you can follow the steps below:

Firstly, to remove the existing rubber handle, pull on the string towards the handle of the existing cane.

Cut the string so the handle can come free.

Ensure the two ends of the strings do not go into the remaining shafts of the cane.

Now to replace the rubber handle with a silver screw adapter, pull the existing rubber handle off.

Replace it with the silver screw adapter provided in your WeWALK box or use the one from your existing worn or broken shaft.

To remove the silver screw from your old or broken shaft, simply do the same steps as removing the rubber handle from your old shaft; by pulling and cutting the string to remove the adapter.

Secure the screw adapter by pulling the string and tying a tight knot to ensure the screw adapter is held in place by the tension of the string on the cane.

Finally, you can screw in your WeWALK handle and you should be good to do!