Using Screen Reader (Talkback) on an Android device

TalkBack is a screen reader that provides verbal feedback and notifications on your Android device. Here’s how to turn it on:

1. Activate TalkBack:

– Press and hold both volume keys for a few seconds.

– If it’s your first time using this option, you may be asked to confirm the volume keys shortcut. Select “Turn On” or press and hold both volume keys again for a few seconds.

2. Open TalkBack Settings:

– Since these steps require visual assistance, you may need help navigating the settings:

– Open your device’s Settings app.

– Select “Accessibility,” then choose “TalkBack.”

– Turn on TalkBack by selecting “Use TalkBack” and tapping “OK” in the confirmation dialog.

Customize TalkBack (Optional):

You can customize the TalkBack shortcut by following the detailed instructions provided in the link.

By following these steps, you can easily activate TalkBack on your Android device to enhance accessibility and usability.