Pendulum Cane Technique   

Imagine that the pendulum of a wall clock swings equally in both directions. The equivalent of this in white cane is “Pendulum cane Technique”. 

Pendulum cane technique outside the building; It is a technique we use when recognizing obstacles on the road, on the pavement, and overcoming an obstacle. 

How should the correct cane be held in the pendulum walking stick technique? 

  • First, the cane is held in a crossed position.
  • Then the hand is turned so that the index finger is on the side of the cane to bring the cane into the pendulum grip.
  • The elbow of the arm holding the cane is attached to the abdomen. The hand should be at the level of the navel and in the middle of the body.

Walking in the Pendulum cane Technique 

  • The cane is swayed by rubbing it on the ground and its shoulder is one span from each side.
  • Only the wrist is moved left and right. Absolutely the elbow does not move and the arm does not swing.
  • When the visually impaired put his right foot forward, the tip of the cane should go to the left, and when he puts his left foot forward, the tip of the cane should go to the right.

While learning the pendulum cane technique, various techniques such as unilateral and bilateral tapping exercises and balance exercises are used. If you want to get more detailed information on this subject, you can contact us at [email protected]. 

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