What is the Explore Feature?

Accessing the Explore Feature:

– Open the WeWALK app.

– The Explore feature is the second option on the app’s homepage.

– Upon tapping the Explore feature, you’ll see a list of categories:

1. All

2. Arts and Entertainment

3. Food and Cafes

4. Professional and Others

5. Shops and Services

6. Colleges and Universities

7. Fitness and Wellness

8. Pubs and Clubs

9. Viewing Nearby Places:

You can select a categoty to view a list of nearby places on that category.

For each listed place, you can:

– Start navigation to the location.

– Save the location for future reference.

– Share the location with others.

– Call the place directly for inquiries or reservations.

This feature makes it easy to explore and find nearby places of interest based on different categories, with options to navigate, save, share, and contact the places directly from the app.