What should I do if my while cane shaft is worn out or broken?

If your white cane shaft is worn out or broken, you can replace it with any white cane that is compatible with our adaptors. For more information on compatibility, visit our website (https://www.wewalk.io).

Steps to Replace the Cane and Adapter:

1. Remove WeWALK Device:

– Unscrew and remove the WeWALK device from the old shaft.

2. Detach Adapter:

– Untie the knot in the elastic cord holding the adaptor to the old shaft.

3. Prepare the New Cane:

– On the new cane, untie the knot in the elastic cord and remove the existing rubber handle.

– Replace the rubber handle with the adapter by passing both ends of the elastic cord through the adapter and tying a secure knot.

– Optionally, you can trim any excess cord, but leave some length past the knot for future adjustments.

5. Attach WeWALK:

– Attach WeWALK to the new cane using the adapter.

We hope this helps you replace your white cane shaft with ease. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.