What’s the difference between WeWALK’s navigation and other app’s navigation?

  1. WeWALK navigation is more accessible than other apps. For example, we provide a low vision map to allow low vision users to be able to view the route that our mapping system has traced.
  2. You can get turn-by-turn navigation and clockwise navigation at the same time.
  3. WeWALk navigation can be controlled with the smart cane while your phone is in your pocket thanks to WeWALK smart cane’s built-in compass.
  4. We provide multimodal navigation that allows users to be able to use a combination of walking and public transport to get to their destination. 
  5. Our navigation has a public transit stop tracking feature that allows users who board a mode of transit to be able to receive audio and text notifications so that they know when it’s time to get off their stop.