Starting the Navigation Through the Cane (Using Voice Menu)

To start navigation through the WeWALK Smart Cane, simply tap on the enter button to open the voice menu then find the “Navigation” item by using Up or Down buttons. (Navigation will come in the 1st order in the menu by default, so you might hear the Navigation item directly when you enter the menu.) These are the items in the Navigation Menu:

* Start: Lists saved locations for quick navigation. You can choose your preferred location from here.

* Where am I: Announces your current location.

* Save location: Instantly saves your current location.

Indoor or off-mapped path? Follow prompts to ‘walk to the starting point’ for automatic navigation.

You can manage your route through the Smart Cane’s buttons by swiping right with one finger to hear the next steps and double-tapping to return to the current step. Swipe forward for the complete route, swipe backward to restart navigation, and double-tap ‘Restart navigation’ for deviations.

During navigation, save your location by swiping backward twice and double-tapping ‘Save my location.’ To end, swipe backward thrice and double-tap ‘End navigation.’ Easy and convenient!