How to Use the Voice Menu

1. Accessing the Voice Menu:

– Press Enter to access the WeWALK’s Voice Menu.

2. Navigating the Voice Menu:

– Scroll Up or Down on the buttons to navigate through the different menu items.

– Each scroll will move you to a new feature or setting within the voice menu.

3. Selecting a Feature:

– To select a specific feature, press Enter when the desired item is announced.

– For example, if you’re in the “Navigation” section, pressing Enter will lead you to a submenu of your saved locations.

4. Exploring Submenus:

– Once in a submenu, scroll Up or Down to navigate between different options.

– Press Enter to select an option.

5. Adjusting Settings:

Voice Level Button allows you to loop between voice options. When you click one time: Silent Mode, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Silent Mode, Level 1, Level 2…

6. Exiting the Menu:

To go back or exit the menu, press to the Close Button.

7. Finding Your Phone:

– To find your phone, enter the voice menu and scroll until you hear “Find My Phone.”

– Press Enter to activate this feature, and your phone will ring.

8. Using Headphones:

– It’s recommended to use a Bluetooth or wired headset connected to your smartphone when outdoors for better audio clarity.

– Some smartphones may not transmit the voice menu audio to WeWALK. In such cases, using a connected headset is advised.