Are There Any Obstacles/Objects That WeWALK Cannot Detect?

The device will only see the objects which are in the field of view of the sensor. For example:

– When you use your cane in a tilted position around 45 degrees, the area is your front head (over the chest) area.

– When you hold the Cane vertically, the area is your front abdomen or chest area.

– When you rotate the Cane in your hand to the left or right, the area is your right or left side, around your abdomen.

Because of the environmental conditions, the performance of obstacle detection might vary.You might not receive feedback about an object like spaced fences or an object with larger holes/gaps. So the absence of feedback don’t always a free passage.

It is not possible for WeWALK’s obstacle detection sensor to detect drops at ground level such as stairs, curbs, and holes. It is therefore important to maintain good traditional cane skills when using WeWALK to locate drops. WeWALK may not detect soft fabrics or small obstacles at the limit of the range setting.