Pendulum Cane Technique

Pendulum Cane Technique:

The Pendulum Cane Technique mimics the swinging motion of a wall clock’s pendulum, used to navigate obstacles on roads and pavements.

Holding the Cane:

– Hold the cane in a crossed position.

– Turn your hand so the index finger is beside the cane for a pendulum grip.

– Keep the elbow of the cane-holding arm close to your abdomen, with your hand at navel level and centered on your body.

Walking with the Technique:

– Swing the cane from side to side, with its tip one span away on each side.

– Move only your wrist, keeping the elbow and arm steady.

– When stepping forward with your right foot, swing the cane to the left; when stepping with your left foot, swing it to the right.

– Training for this technique includes tapping exercises and balance training.

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