How Can I Pick the Right Cane Size?

The right cane length depends on factors like your environment, level of independence, and walking speed.

For Fast Walkers and Independence:

– If you’re a fast walker who values independence, choose a cane length at chin level (between your shoulder and nose) or at nose level for outdoor use.

– However, in a crowded and fast-paced city, a longer cane may pose safety risks.

For Crowded Cities:

– In a crowded city, it’s safer to choose a cane length at the sternum (4 fingers above where the rib cage meets).

– A longer cane is generally more useful for identifying ground obstacles and allows for faster walking. However, it may be heavier.

Available Cane Sizes:

Currently, we offer three cane sizes:

– 129 cm (51 inches)

– 137 cm (54 inches)

– 149 cm (59 inches)

Choose the size that best suits your needs and environment.

We hope this helps you select the right cane size for your mobility needs!