Prepare your WeWALK Smart Cane

Before using WeWALK for the first time:

  • We advise that you charge the WeWALK device for about 2 hours to ensure that you get started with a fully charged device. 
  • Download WeWALK App by tapping on the following link from a smartphone: ( 
  • Attach the Ambutech white cane to the WeWALK smart handle by using the metal screw adapter supplied with your WeWALK.
  • Customize your visual settings. 
  • Give permission to provide our services. 
  • Create a WeWALK account. 
  • Connect your WeWALK Smart Cane and WeWALK App. 
  • Go to the Tutorials tab in WeWALK app and review Gesture Training and WeWALK 101 audio tutorials.