How to List Nearby Stops and Bus Timetables?

-Tap on the ‘Transport’ button on your WeWALK app’s homepage.

– On the “Nearby Stops” page, you’ll find a horizontally scrolling list of different transport modes (e.g., buses, trains) and their respective operators.

– Choose a transport mode (e.g., bus, train).

– You will see a list of stops operated by that mode, with distances.

– For each stop, you can:

1. View timetables

2. Get directions

3. Save for quick access.

4. Share the location.

– To access nearby stops from WeWALK Smart Cane you can:

1. Press the Enter button to activate the Voice Menu.

2. Scroll Up or Down until you hear “Nearby Stops.”

3. Press the Enter button again, then choose to hear about timetables or navigate to a specific stop.