Climbing Stairs with a Cane

Climbing Stairs with a Cane:

– Approach the stairs with the wall on your side to help orient yourself.

– Extend your cane two steps forward, keeping your arm straight, and point the thumb downward to act as a spring.

– Lift the tip of the cane slightly so it touches the step, ensuring it moves smoothly.

– Use your free hand to track the wall for stability.

– As you ascend, continue to advance the cane to the next step, feeling for each one.

– When reaching the last step, be cautious as the cane’s tip won’t catch, indicating the end of the stairs.

– Guide the cane between the stairs to maintain your path along the wall.

– To move to the next floor, angle toward the stairs without relying on the wall.

Descending Stairs with a Cane:

– Hold the cane forward while descending, keeping your arm extended without bending the elbow.

– Place your index finger on top of the cane for a secure grip.

– Extend the tip of the cane two steps ahead and slightly lift it as if touching the step.

– Descend while maintaining this positioning.

– When reaching the last step, the cane’s tip will touch the ground, signaling the end of the stairs.

– Quickly move the cane across to avoid tripping others.

Note: This guide is for informational purposes only. We recommend seeking specialized training for cane use from a professional.

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