How to use the white cane? 

When used correctly white canes allow users to detect cracks on the roads, steps, obstacles, drop downs and orientation marks.

The white cane is used by sliding left to right on a smooth floor and by lifting it from the ground and touching it to the right and left on rough ground. Special techniques have been developed for climbing / descending stairs or to find a dropped object. It is produced in various lengths according to the height of the white cane wearer.

The correct cane techniquewhich will provide maximum protection and information, is as follows: 

  • Hold the cane with your hand centered in front of your body; 
  • Move the cane with wrist/finger movement onlywith your arm remaining still; 
  • Move the cane tip in an arc that is about an inch wider than your body; 
  • Move the cane in rhythm with your feetwith the cane tip always being on the opposite side of yourforward foot; 
  • The cane tip either slides along the ground (“constant-contact technique”) or touches the ground at each end of the arc and remains no more than an inch above the ground (“touch technique”).