Can I fold and collapse my WeWALK Smart Cane like my regular cane?’

Just like any other white cane, WeWALK smart cane is foldable. You may fold the white cane part into 4 pieces at the beginning. Then you can additionally fold the cane and white cane once more from the connection point, creating a cane divided into five equal parts in your hand.

You can attach the supplied wrist strap and attach it to your WeWALK, which you can then use to wrap around the cane in the folded position.

Caution: As with any regular cane technique, we do not recommend using WeWALK to walk with the wrist strap around your wrist. If the cane were to suddenly collide with an obstacle, this may exert excess force on your wrist.

To use the wrist strap you may follow these steps:

Thread the thin loop of string through the wrist strap attachment hole.

After the loop is fully threaded, open it and pass the strap handle through the loop. Pull the remainder of the strap handle upwards to secure the wrist strap to the unit.

You can fold the cane and use the wrist strap of your WeWALK to bind them. Be careful when folding/unfolding the cane because of the tension in the elastic cord.